Linio 2014

Linio is a Latin American eCommerce covering 10 countries and divided in retail products from home appliances to electronics and fashion. Linio’s impact in the Mexican eCommerce scenario was so disruptive that forced mayor players to re release their eCommerce to compete directly with Linio.

The challenge was to remain on top of other eCommerce Market and also improve our user experience by continuously test new approaches to Home Page, Product Page, Checkout and Track Shipment (AB testing and Business Intelligence). Linio’s UI suffered mayor improvements after getting feedback driven by Design thinking iterations with users (different personas) in both app and portal which in turn improved the UX.

1. Full responsive portal.
2. Equal App and portal UX.
3. UI designed towards performance (lazy loaders, loading elements on demand and pre-loaders), fully supported by technical stack.
4. AB testing
5. Heat map
6. SEO
7. Re-targeting

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