Pressie was a startup that allowed you to send high end products or exclusive products to Pressie platform (app, portal and emails).

The challenge was to make both app and portal experience equal, the faster the client could select a gift and deliver to a friend and the friend in return redeem it the better. both experiences improved after several iterations driven with the help of users and our team (Design Thinking approach)

1. Portal full responsive.
2. Emails full responsive.
3. Simplified UI that eased User experience


This portal allowed start ups to connect between founders, angel investors, other start ups, possible talent and public in general interested in the Mexican start up scenario; by presenting each start up information in a elevator speech approach.

The challenge was to present all start ups in a mosaic where the reader was able to see all start ups in a glance and from there dig in the start up of his interest (HTML, CSS and Java script developed)

Main Feature Full responsive web portal (best experienced in desktop and tablets) and emails.


Online Retailer focused in baby products in all Mexico.

The project requirement was to present a fresh design that will also benefit performance and improved user experience. The redesign was inspired in several websites such as; Pottery Barn, Target, Carters and Walmart.
We performed a Benchmark using these sites in order to gather what they were doing better in order to adjust it to Bebe2Go style and user base. from this Benchmark we improved: the distribution of new products in the home page, Product page with product information, related products, suggestions and one click purchase, checkout page, shipment tracking, re purchase options and re targeting.

1. Google Analytics for campaigns.
2. Heat map
3. AB testing
4. full responsive
5. UI and UX improved by Design Thinking iterations with end users and the team.


Donna was inspired in True Caller and WhatsApp. The WOW features from Donna were that the app centralized in the contact you were having communication with letting you personalized status updates, events reminders, auto reply messages, scheduled phone calls and even linked all this making mini networks between friends.

The challenge in this project was to design a self intuitive UI that can provide easy access to all this features and let visualize which contacts were linked in a limited app space.

This project was also driven with a Design Thinking approach that let us experiment with different versions of the app and get direct feedback from different personas.

1. Simplified UI.
2. Heat map to track user actions
3. Hybrid app that allowed us to change UI elements with ease and do AB testing.

Linio 2014

Linio is a Latin American eCommerce covering 10 countries and divided in retail products from home appliances to electronics and fashion. Linio´s impact in the Mexican eCommerce scenario was so disruptive that forced mayor players to re release their eCommerce to compete directly with Linio.

The challenge was to remain on top of other eCommerce Market and also improve our user experience by continuously test new approaches to Home Page, Product Page, Checkout and Track Shipment (AB testing and Business Intelligence). Linio´s UI suffered mayor improvements after getting feedback driven by Design thinking iterations with users (different personas) in both app and portal which in turn improved the UX.

1. Full responsive portal.
2. equal App and portal UX.
3. UI designed towards performance (lazy loaders, loading elements on demand and pre loaders), fully supported by technical stack.
4. AB testing
5. Heat map
6. SEO
7. re Targeting


DirectHero was a motor insurance (broker). The main goal of this site was to make the purchase experience as simple as possible since no one enjoys to buy insurance. therefore the happy path was designed to be done in 3 steps, steps that can be seen in the wire frames above.

My challenge as in the entire team here was to understand how regular insurance works and how to minimize traditional steps into only 3.

These wire frames became a white label with the following features:
1. Responsive.
2. Modular
3. Supported multiple themes.